Leading out-of-home LCD screen advertising company

  • www.chicilonmedia.com.vn
  • Enables companies to reach young, affluent, on-the-go professionals in Vietnam
  • Screens and posters located in high foot traffic urban areas
  • 18 metropolitan areas
  • Elevators, building lobby, supermarkets, airports and other high traffic areas
  • Targets young professionals with high disposable income
  • Clients include domestic & multinational brands

Provides turnkey online booking solution for 2- and 3-star hotels and other lodging properties

  • www.directwithhotels.com
  • Taps into the demands of small hoteliers trying to take advantage of the tourism boom
  • Services 720 accommodation providers in 30 countries
  • Lower-tier hotels are the fastest growing segment of the hotel market

GapIT is a technology platform providing integrated mobile, web and offline marketing campaigns

  • www.gapit.com.vn
  • Gateway enabling businesses & telcos to reach consumers via the mobile channel
  • GapIT provides mobile gateway services to content and service providers through its “GapIT” brand
  • Distributes mobile and internet value-added services to consumers through its “MIU” (Mobile is Yours) brand
  • Strong pipeline of partnerships and significant consumer database
  • Significant growth prospects with 3G, GPRS and mobile marketing and advertising

Greenvity is a fabless semiconductor company that has developed an innovative network solution to satisfy the Smart Energy market requirement for lower cost and more robust connectivity. With its patent pending architecture, Greenvity’s single chip integration of wireless technologies can be cost effectively incorporated into devices such as smart meters, home gateways/routers, smart appliances, electric vehicles and solar inverters.

The first one-stop online tax filing, submission and settlement system in Vietnam

  • TaxOnline.com.vn enables Vietnamese tax payers to securely file and submit personal and business taxes online
  • Offers electronic signatures authorized by the Tax Bureau
  • New tax law effective Jan 1, 2010 requires individuals to file tax returns. Previous law required employers to file for employees
  • Current tax filing process requires taxpayer to turn in paperwork in person at the Tax Bureau office – a process that is time-consuming due to long lines
  • Only company in Vietnam offering this service

Integrated Internet portal with stand-alone verticals and social networking site

  • Vietnam Online Network (VON) is one of the top Internet destinations in Vietnam
  • Each property within the VON network currently ranks top 3 in its class in Vietnam
  • YuMe.vn: social networking site
  • KiemViec.com and HRVietnam.com: online job search and career placement
  • TimNhanh.com: community web portal / search engine
  • ThegioiSanhdieu.vn: lifestyle and fashion news

Multi-platform media company providing 360-degree coverage of teen and young-adult entertainment needs in Vietnam

  • www.yeah1.com
  • Yeah1 is an integrated entertainment platform targeting teens and young adults ages 14-22, which account for approximately 30% of the Vietnamese population
  • Multiple platforms to reach targeted teen audience
  • Television: nationwide broadcasting channel covering topics from music, fashion, outdoor, interaction, sport & films
  • Website: social networking (FindMe platform, partnership with SPT, EVN Tel for VoIP services), entertainment news, photo sharing & games
  • Magazine: 20,000 monthly circulation, covering topics such as fashion, gossip & entertainment news
  • Live events: music, fashion & other teen events
  • Portal: portal and interactive forum with 400k members ages 14-22
  • Yeah1 Passport – VietA Bank (personal account with $ & point system)